Chatuchak Market

        If you love  shopping, you mustgo ‘J.J. Mall’. The place is located the heart of JJ Green market. The Mall opens everyday on 10:00-20:00 hrs. Moreover J.J. Mall is well-known and recognized by foreigners as a unique shopping place. The Mall is a center for various merchandises ranging from handmade accessories ,art and painting ,fashion clothing ,books, music, flowers, gold and silverware, pet shop, Thai massage, electronics, IT accessories,  food center and restaurants. You can get there by Taxi (Just take time around 20 minutes) or by bus number 26,34,39,104,503. One in place not far from  P24 and very comfortable to go.

Location :  Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, ChatuchakBangkok
Distance : 5 kilometers
Taxi :  20 - 45 min.

Hours :  Saturdays and Sundays, 09:00-18:00, and Fridays 18:00-24:00.
Contact : 02-272-4813
Website :